Apple Pie Oatmeal

Original recipe for Steel Cut Oats by Alton Brown; Apple Pie filling by Food Network Kitchen

If you’ve only ever eaten instant oatmeal for most of your life (like I had until I tried this recipe) you are going to be really upset with yourself. You may even want to call up your mother and pick a bone with her like I wanted to. When I was under the weather, or having a rough day, rolled oats was one of my go to comfort foods: from childhood to adulthood. I loved oatmeal, or so I thought. Little did I know I had never experienced what oatmeal is supposed to taste like until I tried Alton Brown’s steel cut oats recipe.

Sure, at first when I read the directions it seemed like 30 minutes was an excessive amount of time to wait for breakfast. But I guarantee you, your patience will be rewarded. I almost guarantee you that after you try this recipe you will throw away all of your instant oatmeal, and you may even turn your nose up in perpetuity at rolled oats all together.

_MG_7943The oats in this recipe are delectable by themselves; I swap out the butter in his recipe for coconut oil, and I think it adds a deeper level of roasty toasty goodness. Their creamy, nutty flavor and chewy texture will have you saying “More please” as you hold up an empty bowl. Once you add the apple pie filling, well you’ve got just happiness in a bowl. You will want to savor every last drop.

I like to make a big batch on Sunday morning, portion it out into containers, and then my other half and I will have breakfast for the whole week. Sometimes it’s good for dessert too. You can make the apple pie filling up to two days in advance and keep in the refrigerator. The filling is also delicious on pancakes, waffles, and/or vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!

Makes 8-10 servings


2 C Steel cut “pinhead” oats
2 TB coconut oil
6 1/4 C Water
2 C Oat Milk*
1 tsp salt
*Non Vegan option: use 2 C whole milk

Apple pie filling
2 1/2 lbs (6-8 apples) of mixed apples (I prefer Granny smith, Mcintosh, Pink cripps and/or golden delicious) peeled, cored and sliced into wedges
1 oz. (2 TB) fresh squeezed lemon juice
1/3 C Sugar
3 TB coconut oil
1 TB White whole wheat flour
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
pinch of cloves

Heat 2 Tb of coconut oil in a large (≥ 6 qt) stock pot on medium heat. Add oatmeal and stir to coat. In a separate pot (or teapot, or electric water heater) bring water to a boil. Once oatmeal starts to roast (you’ll smell the nuttiness of the roasting process) and turns slightly golden, add boiling water. Cover and cook for 25 minutes. DO NOT stir. Place the sliced apples in a large bowl and toss with lemon juice and sugar.

Heat 3 TB of coconut oil in a large skillet/pan on medium heat. Add the apple mixture. Stir to coat with oil. Cover and let cook down for 8-10 minutes. Once the apples begin to soften and turn to sauce, add the flour, cinnamon and cloves. Stir until juices thicken and then remove from heat. Once oatmeal has cooked for 25 minutes, add milk and salt, stir to combine, then cover and cook for an additional 5 minutes. Then add apple mixture to oatmeal. Stir and serve warm. I find this recipe to be sufficiently sweet, but you can drizzle a little syrup, agave or honey over it if you’re feeling especially decadent. I prefer mine with a little extra milk poured over it once served. Enjoy!



Nutrition Facts per serving w/ whole milk (9 servings)
Calories: 347
Fat: 12 g
Cholesterol: 7 mg
Potassium: 203 mg
Carbs: 54 g
Fiber: 8 g
Sugars: 23 g
Protein: 8 g
Vitamin A: 2%
Vitamin C: 16%
Calcium: 10%
Iron: 11%

Nutrition Facts per serving w/ coconut milk (9 servings)
Calories: 370
Fat: 16 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Potassium: 125 mg
Carbs: 53 g
Fiber: 8 g
Sugars: 21 g
Protein: 7 g
Vitamin A: 2%
Vitamin C: 16%
Calcium: 3%
Iron: 12%

[metacook type=”name” display=”none”]Apple Pie Oatmeal(Cuban Chícharos)[/metacook][metacook type=”description” display=”none”]Steel Cut Oatmeal with apple pie filling. Tastes better than grandma ever imagined.[/metacook][metacook type=”prepTime” display=”none”]5 min[/metacook][metacook type=”cookTime” display=”none”]35 min[/metacook][metacook type=”totalTime” display=”none”]40 min[/metacook][metacook type=”yield” display=”none”]8 servings[/metacook][metacook type=”calories” display=”none”]347[/metacook]

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