Hearty Meals for Heavy Times

One of the first items I noticed disappearing from grocery store shelves when this crisis began was beans. Canned beans, dried beans, they were all gone. Seems like everybody got the same memo and decided to buy beans in bulk. That means many of you have tons of beans sitting in your pantry and you’re probably wondering what to do with all of them. Beans … Continue reading Hearty Meals for Heavy Times

Black bean, sweet potato, and corn hash

This recipe came together using food I usually keep on hand in my pantry, fridge, and freezer. It’s a perfect balance of sweet and savory as well as refreshing thanks to the lime and cilantro. It’s vegan and gluten-free It’s high in protein and fiber as well. I sometimes eat this as a meal, but it can easily be served over your favorite rice or … Continue reading Black bean, sweet potato, and corn hash

Quick Frijoles Negros / Cuban Black Beans

More often than not, I don’t have the time or the foresight to soak dried beans overnight and cook them for 6-8 hours the next day like my grandmother used to. This recipe tastes like you’ve been slaving away all day in the kitchen, but is quick and easy enough to cook on a work night. When I moved out on my own, the first recipe I … Continue reading Quick Frijoles Negros / Cuban Black Beans

Cuban Congri – Rice and Black Beans

This dish goes by a few different names, depending on which part of Cuba your family came from, but in my household we always called it congri. Congri is one of the few Cuban specialties that is traditionally vegan, although some restaurants add pork fat, so always ask and check. This dish, where you cook the beans and the rice together, results in a greyish rice … Continue reading Cuban Congri – Rice and Black Beans

Vegan Chili con Kinda Carne

I woke up this morning and it was snowing unexpectedly, and I immediately thought, I should make chili today. Something about chili makes you feel warm and cozy inside. This recipe packs a lot of heat and smokiness that is sure to do just that thanks to the mixture of herbs and spices. Spices affect your palate and senses differently, that’s why I like to … Continue reading Vegan Chili con Kinda Carne

Black Eyed Peas aka Hoppin’ John

Happy New Year! Celebrating the turning of the page of the calendar fills most of us with hope, ambition and the intangible feeling of what could be. It allows us to dream big and make promises to ourselves and to others without our usual skepticism or cynicism. Oh the possibilities! The truth is every new day is an opportunity to get closer to a goal, make progress towards a dream, … Continue reading Black Eyed Peas aka Hoppin’ John

Smoky Split Pea Stew (Cuban Chícharos)

My grandfather was one of eleven brothers and sisters, and my grandmother had six brothers. It was common place for their houses to be filled regularly with aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and every other family member imaginable. This made dinner time quite challenging. Family meals were often scrounged together from limited resources,  and they felt fortunate on the instances when meat was included with … Continue reading Smoky Split Pea Stew (Cuban Chícharos)

Easy Frijoles Negros (Cuban Black Beans)

When I think of black beans I think of my abuelita, slaving over a cazuela all day, stirring and sweating making sure that it was just right. My grandfather would come into the kitchen periodically stick a spoon into the broth and say “a little more salt,” in Spanish of course; then they’d give each other a besito and she’d add the salt and he’d … Continue reading Easy Frijoles Negros (Cuban Black Beans)

Veggiestrone Soup

Original recipe by Wendy Roupp of Eating Well magazine I found this recipe a few years ago and it has been a lifesaver. To make it my own I’ve added a lot of seasoning and extra beans to make this recipe even more delicious than the original. This soup is extremely satisfying and flavorful. It makes enough to feed an army, so if you don’t have … Continue reading Veggiestrone Soup

Refried Bean Burrito

Original Recipe from Clueless in the Kitchen My other half and I have been together 13+ years. He is not a vegetarian. As you can imagine eating out at a restaurant is usually a compromise; seldom are both of us happy with the menu choices at the same restaurant. For this reason when we find a place we both really like, it is extremely rare. … Continue reading Refried Bean Burrito