Hearty Meals for Heavy Times

One of the first items I noticed disappearing from grocery store shelves when this crisis began was beans. Canned beans, dried beans, they were all gone. Seems like everybody got the same memo and decided to buy beans in bulk. That means many of you have tons of beans sitting in your pantry and you’re probably wondering what to do with all of them. Beans … Continue reading Hearty Meals for Heavy Times

Mexican Style Carne Asada Fake Steak Tacos

Original recipe adapted from Tyler Florence Food Network I attended a very large high school with close to 1,200 kids in my graduating class alone. Lunch time was nothing short of a carnival. Food trucks would line the sidewalks serving varying degrees of what I would call food. Lines were often long and patience was often short. This was way before the recent trend of what we consider the … Continue reading Mexican Style Carne Asada Fake Steak Tacos

American Style Beefless Tacos

Some of you may wonder why I call these American Style tacos. Probably because all your life you thought you were eating authentic Mexican style tacos when you eat the hard-shelled, yellow corn tortilla, ground beef filled type tacos, covered in cheese, salsa, sour cream and lettuce. Well my friends, I’m sorry to tell you that you’ve been misled. Please read this insightful and entertaining article … Continue reading American Style Beefless Tacos

Spanish Rice

Inspired by recipe in The Art of Vegetarian Cookery by Betty Wason Eating out while vegetarian is almost always filled with trepidation and anxiety. I hate inadvertently making a big deal out of my eating habits. I hate the vapid, deer in the headlights look I sometimes get from food service professionals when I ask, do you know if the (insert dish name here) has any … Continue reading Spanish Rice

Refried Bean Burrito

Original Recipe from Clueless in the Kitchen My other half and I have been together 13+ years. He is not a vegetarian. As you can imagine eating out at a restaurant is usually a compromise; seldom are both of us happy with the menu choices at the same restaurant. For this reason when we find a place we both really like, it is extremely rare. … Continue reading Refried Bean Burrito